A food + lifestyle hub to help you nurture your relationships with food, others & yourself.

hey, i'm lo

The host of LoDownLiving, a podcast to help you nurture your relationships with food, others + yourself through intuitive eating.

Intuitive eating is the practice of choosing and eating foods that align with your intuition. You know, that little loving voice inside your head and in your gut. Yeah, her.

She's a cool lady and always has your back. Even when we neglect her.

But, that's what LDL is for. To bring you back into a loving, caring & mindful relationship with your intuition.

Oh, you'll also find a lack of sugar coating + a ton of truth.

No hard feelings but, I've gotta keep it real. Always. That's how girl talk should be, right?

Well, I'm sure as hell excited to have you here. I can already tell we'll get along just great.

Welcome to LoDownLiving.

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