43. How To Love Your Body When You Don't Yet

As a show of hands, how many of you have wished your body was different in some way this week? (pssst, my hand is raised too.)

I get it.

We're are in a culture where women's bodies are the center of attention in most things. And with that, it can cause a lot of stress and anxiety about having the most "perfect body." Ugh. I can't.

Loving your body is a practice. It requires a commitment and daily dedication. Because you know what? There will come a time where we're a little bloated, or we find a new mark or a little extra cellulite.

And in those moments, the amount of love we have for our bodies matters more than anything.

On today's show, I'm talking about the 4 tips I use when I need to love my body but I don't quite yet. Anytime I'm feeling down about the shape of my body I turn to one of, if not all of, these four steps to bring me back to the foundational message: "how do I want to show up in the world?"

Let's go to the show!

42. How To Stop Yo-Yo Dieting


I was a part of the yo-yo dieting culture for 10+ years. I can remember the very first time I tried Weight Watchers and the other countless times I would troll the internet wishing & hoping for a weight-loss solution. I couldn’t stand the body I was in and every single day I was working in some way, shape or form, to change it.

How can I be smaller?

How can I be less voluptuous?

How can I be more toned?

It was all about hating the body I was in and wishing for a body I didn’t have. Bring on the dieting!

This is how it all began. So, what did my dieting habits look like?

I’m sure you know what dieting with food looks like. Counting every calorie, measuring it against some system that said it was too much or not enough. Feeling deprived and left out of everyday life happenings and then bingeing on everything I told myself I shouldn't have.

And then every week my success was measured by that system as well. And it was all based on hopping on a scale and weighing myself. If I gained, it was seen as I didn't have a successful week. And if I lost weight, I was celebrated and people told me how proud of me they were.

 That’s not a secret and, if you’ve ever been a part of the yo-yo dieting culture, these tactics may be something you’re familiar with.

But the type of yo-yo dieting I want to talk, on today's show about is internally. The mental aspects of dieting that people rarely discuss. Dieting can affect you just as much mentally as it can physically. Sometimes, the mental consequences can be worse than what you feel physically.

Let's head to the show!

41. The Practice Of Intuitive Eating

Hey you! Welcome back to the podcast.

Lately I've been working to focus more on my intuition when it comes to the podcast. I want to make sure that every I create provides you inspiration, motivation & value to improve your life and goals. And for full disclosure, I've been needing to shift the focus back to myself for the last few weeks as I navigate my own path with my relationship to food and my body.

Which is what has brought me to today's podcast on Intuitive Eating.

If you follow me on Instagram you know that I talk about Intuitive Eating quite a lot. It's a journey and process I've committed to that has hugely improved my relationship with food and my body. There was a time that I would have had a lot of negative self-talk around my body, my weight, my food choices & my self-worth. And through committing to Intuitive Eating I've been able to shift those conversations to loving ones, love my weight, mindfully choose my food & understand that my self-worth has nothing to do with the aforementioned things.

Boldly, Intuitive Eating has saved my life.

And, because of that, I must share this beautiful journey and process with you. No matter what your food and body struggles know that you're not alone and that you have options. Restriction, calorie counting, over exercising and body shaming are not the answers to the challenges you've been having. 

There is a much more peaceful & loving path waiting for you in Intuitive Eating. Let's head to the show.

40. Non-Weight Loss Goals


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I know that we are oversaturated with weight-focused content. No matter where you turn, everyone is talking about tightening, toning & losing the weight.

Ugh. Enough already! 

I truly believe that our lives can be lived abundantly and beautifully when we take our sole focus off of the weight and start. just. living.! Our goal of getting healthier should always be there in the background. But it doesn't have to take up every inch of our mental space and cause us to not live life N O W.

There is so much more to life than our bodies. And I'm so excited to talk about that very topic on the show.

Today I'm talking about the 5 goals you could be focusing on other than your weight.

And to be completely honest, I don't think I started to truly love myself until I was able to enjoy my life outside of trying so hard to lose the weight.

I hope this inspires you to do the same. 

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39. Life, Love & The Pursuit of Happiness

It's been quite awhile since my last podcast and I'd like to first thank you for being so patient. When I first started The LoDownLiving Podcast I had this feeling that it was going to be really amazing, touch a lot of lives and bring together a lot of women. Many of those things are true and I'm so grateful for it.

But, life has hit hard lately and I've found it difficult to find my spark. I didn't know how to inspire others to love themselves and live an amazing life internally and externally, when I was struggling with it myself. I know that it's a journey and a practice and that we are always students of life. And I had to remember that time and time again.

It wasn't until I spoke at a local event in Cleveland, Ohio last week did I finally see a glimpse of the spark that I once had. I remembered what it felt like to share my stories so honestly and openly to people who want to hear it. I remembered what it felt like to see the glimmer in someone's eyes when my words spark something inside of them.

It's a high I only feel when I'm speaking in front of people or on the podcast. And in that moment I knew what I needed to do next, and that was this episode.

Today's show is probably one of the most vulnerable episodes I've ever done. I peel back the curtain and talk about what's been coming up for me and where I've been. I discuss why I've been quieter lately and what I'm looking forward to.

This episode is for anyone who may be interested in the behind the scenes life of Lo from LoDownLiving, how I get through my own personal struggles and wondering what's coming up for me in the next few weeks.

38. Healing Disordered Eating with Kylie Mitchell of immaEATthat

"Are you less valuable if you take up more space in the world?" -Kylie Mitchell

Take 2 minutes to look at Kylie's blog or Instagram feed and you'll see she's as real as they come. And, I think that's what gravitated me towards her. Because, in the world of health + wellness it's easy to be swarming in feeds full of abs, thigh gaps & minimal green eats.

But, you won't find that with Kylie.

Kylie struggled with disordered eating growing up but found a way to overcome it. And through her learnings she decided to teach others that there's another way to live a healthy life.

Kylie is Registered Dietitian in Disordered Eating and she not only guides people to a more natural way of life through her 1 on 1 client work and also through her blog immaEATthat.

Today, Kylie and I talk about disordered eating, what it means, and what the healing process looks like. Disordered eating has come to the surface more over the last few years, but I still don't think it's talked about openly enough.

The idea of restriction and forcing your body and lifestyle into an unnatural place is important. I think more of these conversations need to be said out loud and that's exactly why I decided to bring Kylie on the show.

Listen to the show below

37. The Year Of "Is It Worth It?" + What To Expect in 2017


If you've read my last blog post, you'll know that I don't believe in New Year's Resolutions.

It's true. I don't.

I just believe that resolutions can sometimes set you up for failure.

They sound good on January 1st and I know that you truly have every intention of holding them to be true all year. But, I just believe they're the wrong way to go about thinking about a brand new year.

Think of all the possibilities that are available for you in a new year.

You have a clean slate. A completely new start.

Another chance to do something different.

So, why do we continue to ask for the same things over + over again year after year expecting THIS year to be any different?

For the last few years I've chosen to steer away from resolutions and focus more on a theme.

Last year's theme was to be more selfish.

And so, in everything I did, I put myself first.

Which, isn't something I usually do.

It worked out really beautifully.

I wasn't perfect at it. And there were times I still chose to put others before me.

But it wasn't an unrealistic goal.

It wasn't something I had to post about on social media all the time.

It was just a state of mind I chose to have through each and every day of 2016.

Today's podcast I'm talking about the theme for 2017: "Is it worth it?"

Towards the end of 2016 I caught myself saying "that wasn't worth it" or "man, that was totally worth it!"

And, I couldn't understand why I wasn't asking myself that question BEFORE I acted.

I could see how marvelous the shift would've been if I had.

Also, I'm going to set the expectation for LoDownLiving as a brand in 2017.

This isn't something I've really talked about in the past on the show but, I think it's finally time.

Listen to today's podcast below

36. Q + A with Lo #2


Hey, how was your Christmas? Do you have any cool plans for New Years Eve?

I've been definitely enjoying some time away from everything and allowing myself to be lazier than normal.

Hence the Tuesday evening launch of this episode instead of the typical Monday morning.

But, you understand right? I knew you would. You're really cool like that.

Today I'm doing a type of "tiny talk" with you with Q + As from listeners.

These are still some of my favorite episodes to do. It really creates a stronger connection from me to you.

And, normally I feel like I'm talking to the wall in front of me just gabbing away about a specific topic.

But specifically answering your questions really lights me up in a different way than the other episodes.

Today's questions are:

1. Book suggestions for self-care, motivation or eating healthier

2. How to enjoy alone time & tips for when you're alone for long periods of time

To send me your questions for future Q + A episodes email me: lo@lodownliving.com or find me on Instagram!

Episode 36 Show Notes

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Spirit Junkie

It Starts With Food


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35. Best Of 2016

Whoa, 2016 flew by! I seriously can't believe we're almost to 2017.

I'm ready for it though. 2016 was a good year despite all the ups & downs. Looking back, it was my growing pains year. The year of growth, transition & learning.

Of course, when those three things are involved, it always comes with a few aches and pains. And that was true for me too.

I definitely had some kick-ass, "OMG!", "What in the actual hell just happened?!" moments that I'll never forget.

Like getting 6 different ice cream flavors sculpted into a rose.

Or, creating the #doyoumvmnt for all you bad ass babes out there!

And how about finishing yet another Bikini Series with the Tone It Up ladies?! If you've tried any of their workout series, you'll know why it's an accomplishment! (#ThatShitIsHard #KettleBellSwingsForDays)

That's what today's show is all about. Remembering all of the moments that really stood out to me and patting myself on the back for a year well done.

So to hear all 8 moments that really stood out to me in 2016, let's head to the show!

34. How To Start When You Can't Even Get Off The Couch

Full disclosure: I've spent a lot of time this last month laying on the couch or in bed trying to get my life together.

It's been heavy and dark at times. And sometimes my mind was so full of thoughts and emotions that it kept me up at night.

To be honest, I'm not sure the last night I had full 8 hours of sleep where I didn't wake up every few hours due to my mind racing.

Yeah, these last few weeks have been a really challenging time for me. And everyday I wake up and hope for the best.

I hope that I wake up so excited for what the day will bring me & that I'll be able to go through one day without getting knocked down.

But, those days have been few and far between.

And, I guess I didn't really realize it until this episode but, these podcasts help me too.

Saying these things out loud and talking through them really helps me through it.

Funny how that works right?

So, today's show is all about how to start again when you can't even get off the couch.

Whether you're going through it for 1 day, 1 week, 1 month or 1 year.

No matter the length, it's still important to get back to YOUR life.

So I'm being very open and honest about my current state and what I've been using to get up off the couch when all I really want to do is watch Pretty Little Liars for the 7th time.

Thank you in advance for listening with an open heart and an open mind. Sometimes it's not easy to speak about these things to 100+ people that I may or may not know.

So, thank you! Let's head to the show.